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How do I create a listing?

  1. Create an account. If you don’t have one already, you’ll want to create an account at Click the blue ‘Get Started’ button on the top right of the homepage and fill out the information.
  2. Go to the Landlord Dashboard. Once you login, you’ll see two options: a tenant toolbox and a landlord dashboard. You’re going to want the landlord dashboard, so go ahead and click it.
  3. Add a property. First, choose your property type. You can select:
  • Single-family home: Select this if you are renting out an entire home that will not be shared with anyone.
  • Apartment: Select this if you are renting out a singular apartment unit, typically in a building containing a number of other apartments.
  • Condo/Townhome: Select this if you are renting out a semi-detached home. The word condo can be used to define a type of ownership; however, in this case a condo is considered the same thing as a townhome.
  • Multi-family home: Select this if you are renting out a duplex, tri-plex, or quadraplex.
  • Manufactured home: Select this if you are renting out a mobile home.
  • Horse/Livestock: Select this if the property you are renting out is zoned for livestock.
  • Single room: Select this if you are renting out a single room within a larger apartment, townhome, or home.
  • Sublease/Student Contract: Select this if you are legally allowing someone to take over your contract for the remainder of the time specified in the contract.

4. Fill out listing details. You will be taken to a page where you will fill out the basic information for your listing.

  • Photos: Add photos. For guide on taking good pictures, see this photo guide.
  • Monthly Rent: This is how much the tenant will pay each month.
  • Date available: This is when you listing will first be available to move into.
  • Bedrooms/bathrooms: Put the number of bathrooms and bedrooms for the property you are listing.
  • Year: This is the year it was built in/
  • Square feet: This is the amount of space of the actual unit.
  • Listing description: This is where you can fill out additional details, like what it is near or any special features not found on the amenities list.
  • Contact info: Put your name and the best number to reach you at.
  • Amenities: The amenities are listed and you will select which ones your listing has. You can also fill out which utilities the tenant pays for and which ones are included in the rental price.
  • Policies: If your listing is pet-friendly, this is where you will specify the details including what type of pets are allowed and if a deposit is required. You will also select your smoking policy and details.
  • Deposit information: This is where you will include how much you are asking for a deposit and if it is refundable. You can also put the lease length here.

5.  Save information. After you've reviewed it, save your listing. You will need to do this before turning it on.

6.  Turn listing on. Scroll back to the top of the page and you will see a blue button that says "Turn Listing On". Once you turn your listing on, it can be seen by anyone. 

7. Edit, if needed. If you need to update your listing you can do so by clicking the 'edit listing' button.

Still need help? Contact Rentler Support (1-888-222-1009) Contact Rentler Support (1-888-222-1009)