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Why does the criminal search return a list of names that aren’t always a match to the applicant?

In an effort to better protect both landlords and renters, a relatively broad set of search criteria in most instances are used when looking for criminal records so that records that match or possibly match are brought to the company’s attention. Non-matching records may show up because the courts’ records sometimes include only partial name, date of birth, or other information about the record holder. 

Rather than not display these records, The returns to the records are brought to the attention of the company/customer for further verification, in case any of the records are discovered to be a match to the applicant upon further verification. 

It is also notable that Social Security Numbers are, for the most part, not present on criminal records since criminal records are considered public data. So, broad search logic serves as a means to filter through other identifiers to find matches and possible matches.

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