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How do I delete a property?

We never recommend completely deleting a property from your list. By deleting a property you lose access to all information about that property, including listing information, property details, any applications and rent payments you may have received/set up, etc.

In order to completely remove a property from your list of properties in Rentler:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Select 'Listings' from the left-hand toolbar and identify the property you want to delete
  3. Click the gear symbol in the right-hand corner of that listing

  4. You will be directed to a new screen and at the bottom there will be a button labeled "DELETE PROPERTY"
  5. Click the "DELETE PROPERTY" button and follow the instructions in the popup window to delete the property from your account

There may be cases where it is appropriate to delete a property, such as:

  • You are no longer interested in or pursuing renting your property
  • The property is linked with the wrong account and you'd like to create it within another
  • You have decided to sell your property or have sold it
  • You want to remove all history related to a specific property and create a new entry for that property in the list

Still need help? Contact Rentler Support (1-888-222-1009) Contact Rentler Support (1-888-222-1009)