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Why can't I add my property?

I'm getting an error that my address doesn't exist.

To make sure provides credible listings for our users, we use an address verification system. This system uses the latest data (updated monthly) from the United States Postal Service (USPS) to ensure that a place actually exists. In some cases new construction neighborhoods have not been updated in the USPS database yet. If you are running into these issues, try catching us on live chat (on or give us a call at 1-801-674-8587.

I'm getting an error that my address is already used on Rentler.

We want to make sure that all listings on Rentler are real and available for rent. To avoid scams and duplicate listings, Rentler only allows a property to be associated with one account. 

If you keep getting this error, it's most likely that another account has already claimed it. The best solution is to check with anyone who may have claimed this property and have them delete/remove it from their account. If you're still in a bind, ping  us on live chat (on or call 1-801-674-8587.

Still need help? Contact Rentler Support (1-801-674-8587) Contact Rentler Support (1-801-674-8587)