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Introduction to Screenings on Rentler

Rentler offers landlords like you a smarter way to screen potential tenants.

Other background check providers often try to upsell independent landlords on various data packages, making it difficult for them to decide what they actually need, and how to act on their results. At Rentler, we believe the tenant screening process should be clear and simple.

That’s why a Rentler Application gives landlords like you quick online credit and background checks along with an application—without the hassle of on-site inspections or lengthy enrollment processes. And because your potential renters’ Social Security numbers remain private, your rental applicants get peace of mind, knowing the process is secure.

It takes only a few simple steps. First, create a landlord account with Rentler. From there you can choose to create a new listing (and accept applications online) or you can click on Screenings from the left-hand navigation rail and request a screening from potential renters. Once the rental applicants get the request, they set up their own renter account, consent to the screening, and authenticate their identity. Rentler then screens the applicants and within minutes, provides you with:

  • A credit report 
  • A criminal report that draws from millions of criminal records
  • SSN verification
  • National Eviction search
  • National sex offender registry search
  • Income Insights report

How does Rentler’s screening process work?

Rentler Applications include a credit and background screening. By accepting applications from your listing, you will automatically get access to a screening at no cost to you. Tenants pay $45 for 30 days of unlimited access and can submit an application to as many properties as they want.

The process generally goes as follows:

  • The landlord creates a listing and starts accepting Rentler Applications.
  • The prospective tenant clicks on ‘Apply Now’ and either creates a new application or submits their current application information. Note: No personal identifying information such as a Social Security number is released to the landlord.
  • A landlord is notified and can view the application and screening in their dashboard.

How long does the entire tenant screening process take?

Rentler provides instant results after the renter has confirmed their application and passed identity authentication online. The only delays are due to either party not completing one or more steps throughout the process. 

How does Rentler provide me with the same screening solutions that larger management firms use at a lower cost?

Rentler is online, whereas larger property management firms have custom-built solutions that they host and maintain. We access the same credit data and screening tools, but it's online so you don't have the cost of hosting and upkeep.

Will I still get all the information I need to make the best decision for my property?

Yes. Rentler combines the powerful data and analytics of multiple data sources to provide you with a quick and reliable tenant screening service. You get all the information you need to make informed screening decisions in less time. And Rentler enables you to screen effectively without compromising the privacy or security of the applicant's personal identifying information.

Still need help? Contact Rentler Support (1-801-674-8587) Contact Rentler Support (1-801-674-8587)