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Scheduling a virtual walkthrough

Looking for a way to show a vacant rental during the COVID-19 pandemic? Live video tours can be conducted via free online tools like Zoom, Facetime or Google Hangouts and are the perfect way to market a property without meeting up face-to-face. 

Using FaceTime

If you don’t feel comfortable with providing your personal information to conduct a tour via FaceTime, you can use a different Apple ID. For that, open FaceTime on your device, sign out of your current ID and tap “Use Other Apple ID.” 

Using Hangouts

If you’re planning to go with Hangouts, there’s a way to create a Google voice number separate from your actual number that still forwards to your phone. You’ll need to download the Google Voice app, sign up for a free account, and link at least one phone number. You can also create a new number for your team as a business if you have multiple people doing showings and share it.

Using Zoom

Zoom is probably the best option for the landlords who don’t want to set up a new number. To sign up, go to Zoom and click the sign-up tab on the homepage. You can set up an instant meeting or schedule a future meeting by inviting the participants. (Landlords are likely to choose the second option and will schedule a Zoom meeting instead of starting an instant meeting.) To share the invitation, click Copy the invitation button and share it with anyone who’ll need to join the meeting. By doing so, you can save time and do a virtual tour for multiple applicants at once. 

This article might be helpful for first-time Zoom users. 

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