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Why am I being asked identity authentication questions?

All renters and landlords who participate in the credit/background checks and payment services are required to verify their identity online to ensure the process is secure. This prevents fraudulent access to consumer data and helps us eliminate scams and phishing.


In order to run a credit inquiry and complete a background/credit screening, Rentler has partnered with Experian to ask a series of identity authentication questions. We do not store or use this information for any other purpose.

Note: Landlords must also complete this process. However, your credit is NOT being pulled as an inquiry. Experian is referencing your credit profile to ask specific verification questions for the purpose of confirming a landlord's identity and keeping tenant's information secure. 


In order to use Payments, both landlords and tenants will be asked to provide personally identifiable information (including date of birth and social security number) to properly verify their identity and mitigate fraud. This is done through a partnership with Stripe to deliver fast and secure payment processing services. 

Additionally, if landlords and tenants have not used our system before they will be asked to complete a secondary ID verification through Experian and answer identity authentication questions. Users are required to ID verify yearly or after a period of extended inactivity. 

In the case we cannot verify your identity online, you may be asked to provide additional information such as driver's license, Tax Id Number, etc. 

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