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Six Golden Rules for Posting Your Listing on Rentler

1. Only one listing is allowed for one specific property and category. The owner should therefore choose which property type best describes their home.  If a listing is posted in more than one category, Rentler reserves the right to remove the second listing.

2.  Listings may also be re-posted only every 14 days by deactivating and then re-listing it manually. Deactivating a listing and posting the same one over and over on the same day is not allowed. Rentler may suspend accounts for overposting.

3. Postings with discriminatory language will be deactivated by Rentler and may be activated once the owner reviews and changes the content. Discriminatory is defined in the Fair Housing Act as something that “prohibits advertising the sale or rental of a dwelling indicating preference of discrimination based on race, color, religion, familial status, disability and national origin.”

4. To define the property types:

  • Single Family Home - A one unit dwelling structure. A single family detached home has open space on all four sides and is not attached to any other structure. A single family attached home is separated from other structures with walls that are extended from the ground to the roof.
  • Apartment - A room or a group of related rooms, among similar sets in one building, designed for use as a dwelling. A home with a separate tenant for the basement may be considered a multifamily home and/or an apartment.
  • Condo/Townhome - A condominium is a housing structure that is a part of a bigger unit or building and the owner of the condo owns the interiors independently and the other services in the building jointly with other condo owners. A townhouse is a style of housing where a row of identical houses share walls. Here the owner owns the whole unit as such. They both may come under a structure of housing tenure or other legal agreements.
  • Multifamily Home - A building or structure that is designed to house several different families in separate housing units. The most common type of multifamily housing is an apartment building. Duplexes, quadruplexes, and townhomes also qualify as multifamily housing. A home with a separate tenant for the basement may be considered a multifamily home and/or an apartment.
  • Manufactured Home - A large house trailer that can be connected to utilities and can be parked in one place and used as permanent housing.
  • Single Room - An area separated by walls or partitions from other similar parts of the structure or building in which it is located. A room for rent which has shared kitchen or bath with other tenants is still considered under Single Room. Single rooms cannot be considered under Apartments or Condo/Townhomes.
  • Duplex - A duplex, triplex, etc. may be considered an apartment, a condo/townhome or a multifamily home.
  • Sublease/Student Contract - Subleasing (also called subletting) refers to legally allowing someone to take over your contract for the remainder of the time specified in that contract. The new renter can either agree to take over payments or pay out the remaining portion of your lease. 

5. For any rental communities over 30 units, you must upgrade to a paid package in order to post listings. For rental communities under 30 units, you will get one (1) free active listing. Ads run for 30 days but may be renewed upon expiration. When upgraded you can post multiple floor plans at a time. 

For rentals in all categories other than apartments/community properties, you may have two (2) free active listings per company. If you create multiple user accounts for a single company, all extra accounts will be migrated to one account. If you continue to abuse the system then legal action will be taken. 

6. Rentler reserves the right to deactivate and or delete miscategorized listings of those posted under an incorrect category.

Still need help? Contact Rentler Support (1-888-222-1009) Contact Rentler Support (1-888-222-1009)