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Types of Credit & Background Checks We Perform

Full Credit Report

A credit report is a great tool to have when determining the financial risk involved with an applicant. The credit report comes from TransUnion and includes access to public records, credit inquiries, and payment history on all real estate, installment, and revolving credit accounts. It also includes a list of creditors within the last 7 yrs, liens, suits, judgments (within the last 7-10 yrs), and inquiries (within the last 2 yrs). We provide a score using TransUnion's ResidentScore which is formulated with more precision for rentals than a traditional credit score. The only difference between our report and a traditional full credit report is we don’t show the social security number, date of birth, or account numbers. 

MultiState Criminal 

The Multi-state Criminal search provides felony and misdemeanor records throughout the nation. The search results are available within 1-2 business hours. Each state sets its own standards regarding the type of records that are available instantly so the type of coverage varies from state to state. For example, out of Utah they have both felonies and misdemeanors available from the Utah District Court, whereas Wyoming does not provide any information to the database. When records from a particular area are considered to be inadequate, we recommend a County Search which Rentler can provide. Criminal history is searched by name and verified by date of birth. 

National Sex Offender

This search checks the National Sex Offender Registry for any records that may match your applicant's name and date of birth. When sex offenders records are found, we will include the record, the details of the offense and in some cases, a picture of the offender.  

SSN Verification

The Social Security Number verification, also known as a Person Search, is used as a research tool in conjunction with the MultiState Criminal Search. It lists names and addresses that have been associated with the Social Security Number within the last 10 years. For most SSN’s we also receive the date range in which the SSN was issued and the state it was issued in. The results of this search help provide an insight into whether your application is who they say they are. 

National Eviction

This search includes eviction records on a national level. the records show the plaintiff that filed the eviction, when the eviction was filed, the address involved in the eviction and any court/judgment information available. 

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