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Why do you charge service fees?

Rentler charges a service fee for online payments in order to cover our costs, which allow us to provide a secure and reliable network. The service fee is collected for the use of our software, services, and to make several different payment options available to you.

The service fee amount that you are charged depends on how you pay online:

Bank account: When you pay rent directly from a bank account using your routing and account number, it' s FREE.

Credit card: Many people choose to pay rent with a credit card to collect the points that are offered by their financial institution. If you use your credit card to pay rent, there is 2.9% service fee. That means 2.9% of your total payment will be added on as a fee each time you pay rent online.

Debit card: If you are using a debit card to make an online payment, there's a 2.9% service fee.

Still need help? Contact Rentler Support (1-888-222-1009) Contact Rentler Support (1-888-222-1009)