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How do I build a community page?

Apartment communities now have the option to get even more exposure on Rentler by creating a community page that will cross-link for better search results. New community pages showcase each of the listings within a property. Plus, potential renters can now find find office hours, contact information, and community amenities in one place.

If you have a Bronze, Silver, or Gold package through Rentler, here's how to make your ad the proverbial king of the castle.

First, Upgrade

If you haven't already, you can upgrade your basic listing by clicking on the 'Listings' tab and then hitting the bright blue button at the bottom that says 'Upgrade Community'. Then we'll review it and approve it within two business days. You'll know the review is in progress if you see this box:

Next, Build Your Community Page

Fill out any contact information, your office hours, and other information about the shared amenities in your community. Here you can let people know if you have a clubhouse, laundry facilities, parking, etc. Each listing you set up for individual apartments will show up grouped on this page. We recommend including floor plans and multiple photos for people to look at.

A word about photos: Photos will make or break your rental listing. If people are applying to live in an apartment community they want to see the common areas and anything you list as an amenity on the community page. These things are your assets that set you apart from all the other complexes, so if you have a pool, include nice images. Same goes for any workout rooms, shared community spaces, nice get the idea.

Also make sure to add unique photos for each listing found in a community page. Too often we see a listing advertising studios and one-bedrooms, but only have pictures of a one-bedroom. It's confusing and won't help you get interested tenants. Your page should look something like this:

Then, Create a Move-in Promotion

When you have all your listings added to your community page and turned on, it's time to create a promotion. We have ten featured spots on Rentler, and you get to choose which days you want your community to be featured in these spots. Select the 'Community Promotion' tab from the listings section and choose your dates from the calendar. That's it!

Now your community page is complete, but you can add or remove listings as needed from the edit screen.

Still need help? Contact Rentler Support (1-888-222-1009) Contact Rentler Support (1-888-222-1009)