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Why are my photos sideways?

We’ve noticed a lot of people asking why their photos are sideways when they try to upload them on Rentler, so we wanted to explain why it happens and give you a few solutions to make it easier.

What's going on?

If you’re editing and uploading photos of properties that you’re trying to rent, the image will upload sideways if it was taken in landscape mode…even if you rotate it using built-in editing tools before uploading. That’s because of something called EXIF data. When you take a photo, whether it’s with a digital camera or a smartphone, EXIF data stores all the backend data like angles and aperture.

How to fix it:

When you rotate a picture on your phone or in preview mode on your computer, you’re not actually fixing the photo and it will still upload sideways. Instead, you’ll need to use a special app or program that strips the EXIF data and allows you to adjust it permanently.

We like Pixlr, which can be used on a desktop or through an app you can download right to your phone.

On the desktop:

Go to the Pixlr web app site and hit ‘Browse’ to upload a photo from your computer. Then go to the adjustments, rotate it to the correct position, and save the picture.

On a phone: 

Download the app by clicking here or searching Pixlr in the app store. One it’s downloaded, follow the same steps to import a photo, rotate it, and save it.

For more tips on taking pictures that will improve your listings, check out this article.

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